Sunday, February 15, 2009

Signs You Might Be Playing 2 Fort - Instaspawn

We've all played 2 Fort and we're all guilty of a little instaspawn. I'd say there's at least 10 clues that the server you're tooling around on smacks of instaspawn. Let's start with...

You'd rather burn to death than tunnel up through the sewers back to where the action is.

You're the only player on your team that's not a sniper.

The games going on 65 minutes and the intel hasn't been touched.

A friendly Engineer constructed a 'convenient' teleporter to the sewers. Noone has used it.

The opposing team has created so many sentries outside your spawn you need an Uber to break out.

You run the bridge roof gauntlet to bat snipers.

A spy pulls the stab'n'sap combo on you and you still managed to remove his sapper.

You're willing to give snipers 'demoman skeet shooting practice' just so you can spawn camp.

You get chastised for not participating in the melee battle

You watch the sandvich lineup prevail for 15 minutes because the snipers are too lazy to charge their shots.

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Anonymous said...

Haha oh dear, so very true.
Lol'd a while at #10.