Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spy in Troy

Well, he's actually in Thessaly which is in Greece, but then you'd have no idea what I was talking about would you? well, geography aside, I present to you the first in spy's adventures...

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How to Stab the Heavy - Pre Scout Update

When you create an awesome game like Team Fortress 2, you're bound to find a few bugs sneak in here and there. Well, now that the scout update has been released, we'll never have to worry about...

How to Stab the Heavy

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Signs You Might Be Playing 2 Fort - Instaspawn

We've all played 2 Fort and we're all guilty of a little instaspawn. I'd say there's at least 10 clues that the server you're tooling around on smacks of instaspawn. Let's start with...

You'd rather burn to death than tunnel up through the sewers back to where the action is.

You're the only player on your team that's not a sniper.

The games going on 65 minutes and the intel hasn't been touched.

A friendly Engineer constructed a 'convenient' teleporter to the sewers. Noone has used it.

The opposing team has created so many sentries outside your spawn you need an Uber to break out.

You run the bridge roof gauntlet to bat snipers.

A spy pulls the stab'n'sap combo on you and you still managed to remove his sapper.

You're willing to give snipers 'demoman skeet shooting practice' just so you can spawn camp.

You get chastised for not participating in the melee battle

You watch the sandvich lineup prevail for 15 minutes because the snipers are too lazy to charge their shots.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Torrent Find

What is Torrent Find?

Searches and with your search list.

You have a list of items you want to download off the bit torrent network that isn't available yet.

Torrent Find searches your entire list at the same time. This lets you know what's available and what's not. If what's available is not what you want, you can add more filtering criteria and search again.

Why would I use Torrent Find? I can already just use RSS feeds

If you download the same/similar items every week, but you want to check the download quality of the files first, then this is perfect for you.

How Does it work again?

On loading the program, it searches for ALL your searches at the same time. So if you ever do this manually it can be quite laborious. A green dot means the site returned results. A red dot means nothing was found. Click the search query to bring up the webpage and check the download details.

Usually, I just run the program, check if there's any green dots (found results), then close it. It's basically a quick torrent availability checker! Know that something's coming out and you might forget to download it? add it to the list and wait until you get a match!

Download: here

For Win XP and Vista (x86/x64 ok!)